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Fan Girl

IMDb 4.7 100 min
Telulah, a Huntville High School sophomore, is always documenting things on her camera, such as the video she created for Alex Gaskarth's birthday, he of her favorite band, All Time Low. In documenting her classmates, she categorizes everyone by their social media presence, it the only way she and her peers know what everyone else is into and doing. On social media, the most popular student is Claire, who has not yet even arrived at Huntville but who is friended on social media by almost everyone in her association to Josh, on who most girls crush. Telulah's mother Mary is a social media neophyte, she who is now placing some effort - a little too much effort for Telulah's liking - in having a social media presence. For Telulah, the band trumps all else, including her want to become a filmmaker, although film is her favorite class at school. And that video is the reason she is negligent on completing her film class assignment, a movie trailer, which she will learn is just the first step in the class' final assignment which is for that trailer to be for a short film. That final assignment is to be done in pairs, with Telulah being paired in a random draw with Darvan, who is the "mature" student in having had to retake his senior year several times. Telulah has a reason to want to do well on that final assignment for the potential reward. Paul, the film class teacher, allows Telulah to use the birthday video in place of her trailer, and assigns her and Darvan to shoot the student talent show as their final project. Things take a turn when Telulah, with camera in hand and Darvan and Telulah's best friend Jamie by her side, believe they can get into see All Time Low, who are in town to perform in concert. In their single minded focus on the band, Telulah, due in part to a recent experience of Mary's in running into an old high school classmate, Mike, may learn what is truly important in her teenaged life.
Comedy, Family, Music
Scott Adsit, Susan Blommaert, Nadia Alexander, Pico Alexander
Paul Jarrett
United States
6.3 / 11 times
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