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Murder, She Baked: A Deadly Recipe

IMDb 6.8 86 min
In the small town of Eden Lake, Minnesota, tensions are running high in the sheriff's office as it's election time, with incumbent Jim Grant running against Deputy Bill Todd for the Sheriff's position. Historically, Sheriff Grant has taken over the high profile case of the day, solving it just before the election, which has largely led to his election time after time. This time, the case he has taken over, a series of car thefts, was previously led by Bill, who accuses the Sheriff of using his position for his own political gain. Meanwhile, Hannah Swensen, owner/operator of Hannah's Cookie Jar bakery/café and Bill's sister-in-law, is leading a committee to put together a cookbook as a fundraiser, the committee which decides which recipes make it in and which don't. Gary Koehler, who runs the local salvage yard, has submitted his deceased mother's thought to be lost but newly found famous "perfect" fudge cupcake recipe. A problem with the recipe as is is that Mrs. Koehler has listed an ingredient solely as a secret one, Hannah who is tasked with figuring out what it is based on her own previous consumption of the cupcakes. One evening when the committee is preparing the recipes for judgment at the community center, Sheriff Grant stops by to put up some campaign posters. Shortly thereafter, Hannah and her very pregnant sister/Bill's wife, Andrea Todd, find Sheriff Grant's dead body outside the center, this the fourth of four times in recent months that Hannah has found the murdered body in town. With Bill being caught on surveillance footage outside the center when he previously said he would be at home, he becomes the primary suspect in the Sheriff's murder. Detective Mike Kingston, one of the two men vying for Hannah's affections (the other being dentist Norman Rhodes), is leading the investigation for the Sheriff's department. Despite Mike's insistence that Hannah not get involved, she, with Norman's help, decides to figure out who killed Sheriff Grant, as she wants to ensure that her imminent niece/nephew has a father who is at home and not in jail. Hannah's attention turns in two directions: Nettie Grant, the Sheriff's widow, as rumors abound that the two had not had a happy marriage ever since the death of their son, then young adult Peter Grant, in a car accident several years earlier; and Paige Miller, the wife of Deputy Kevin Miller, who had open but quiet animosity toward the Sheriff, she who was at the center that evening. As usual, the closer that Hannah gets to the truth, the more her life could potentially be in danger. All the answers may be who is sitting behind the wheel of the black pickup truck that seems to be following her around town.
Alison Sweeney, Gabriel Hogan, Cameron Mathison, Barbara Niven, Lisa Durupt, Juliana Wimbles, Toby Levins, Aaron Pearl
Kristoffer Tabori
United States
7.7 / 33 times
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