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1 Fake News
Thursday Sep 27, 2018
Amid a divided nation, chaotic national discourse and rampant attacks on the press, Murphy decides to return to the airwaves with her biting take on current events on the CNC cable network's morning news program.
2 I (Don't) Heart Huckabee
Thursday Oct 04, 2018
After decades of being banned, the team devises an elaborate ruse to sneak Murphy into a White House press briefing; Phyllis hires an enthusiastic college "dreamer," Miguel, to help out at the bar.
3 Three Shirts to the Wind
Thursday Oct 11, 2018
4 #MurphyToo
Wednesday unknown
5 The Girl Who Cried About Wolf
Wednesday unknown
6 Results May Vary
Wednesday unknown
7 Lifetime of Achievement
Wednesday unknown
8 The Coma and the Oxford Coma
Wednesday unknown

Murphy Brown 11

IMDb 6.8 na min/episode
Murphy Brown is one of TV's most honored journalists. Brilliant and persistent, Murphy is unafraid to ask tough questions of the mighty. She is also an unabashed liberal who is considered an enemy of George Bush's White House. Murphy works for "FYI," a Washington-based network TV newsmagazine series. A recovering alcoholic, Murphy returns from a stay at the Betty Ford rehabilitation center, free of booze and cigarettes -- and correspondingly cranky. Her TV show has a new producer, a whiz-kid half Murphy's age. She's also working with an airheaded ex-Miss America, a befuddled anchorman and her best friend, a danger-loving gonzo reporter. Can Murphy Brown make a comeback to be the best in the business? How can she not!
Candice Bergen, Robert Pastorelli, Grant Shaud, Faith Ford
United States
6.3 / 55 times
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