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Perfect 1985
7.4 of 22


HD 4.50 115 min
Adam Lawrence is a reporter for Rolling Stone, which not only publishes music, popular culture and entertainment related stories, but also hard hitting general news stories. In working on a high profile story in the latter category - Joseph MacKenzie, who owns a computer manufacturing business, being charged as a drug kingpin - Adam, who has to go to Los Angeles for that story, gets the okay from his editor Mark Roth to research another story while there, one to highlight the vacuousness of Los Angeles life: how health clubs are the singles bars of the 1980s. Both stories have the potential to be cover worthy features, the MacKenzie one which Adam hopes to parlay into a book deal. In Los Angeles, he finds The Sports Connection which openly advertises itself as a fitness club where singles can meet, and gets the green light from the club owners to use it for his story. While club members and best friends Sally Marcus and Linda Slater are more obvious candidates as the story's focus to match Mark's expectations - Sally has found love at the club in the form of Roger, a male stripper, while Linda is desperate for love, she "putting out" and doing whatever she can for body perfection to achieve her love goal - Adam, partly in his fascination with her, decides he'd like to make Jessie Wilson the center of his story, she who leads the club's most popular aerobics class where many couples have met in their bodies gyrating side by side. Jessie makes no bones about not wanting to be in his story implying that she had been burned by the press in the past, but that she wouldn't mind getting to know him in the personal sense. What happens between the two of them will be affected not only by the scope of the story - including he trying to find out exactly from her on the record that past press incident - but the outcome of the MacKenzie story.


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